Frequently Asked Questions

Brix Functionality

Brix enables you to create and submit customs declarations electronically into CDS. With its key functionality which include Document Validation, Duty calculator and a complete Trade Tariff integration, it forms a user-friendly environment, which is easy to follow and to work with.
It is ideal for both newcomers and experienced customs brokers.

The Document Validation is an essential Brix functionality. If you follow Validation rules you'll minimize the chance of making errors. It contains procedural, business and technical rules about filling every field in declaration forms and it is updated accordingly to the official documents issued by HMRC.

Trade Tariff is completely integrated into Brix. You can check Tariff measures (duties, conditions and required documents) for each commodity code directly from Brix. without the need of external services or Trade Tariff.

Brix calculates your duties before the submission of declarations with always up-to-date duty rates from Trade Tariff. Check out our online UK Import Tariff Calculator.

All communication with CDS is done directly via Brix. All the messages can easily be accessed.

You have an option to submit multiple declarations in a single submission.

You can export all declarations into reports with helpful filters.

You can easily make templates that suite different business scenarios and use them for creation of new documents.

Yes, you need to have a UK EORI number to make export and import declarations.

Transitional Simplified Procedures (TSP) are put in place by HMRC in the event of No deal Brexit. The main goal is to make import from the EU easier in Roll on Roll off locations.  You can apply for TSP if you are a UK importer and make customs declarations yourself.

Brix Installation, Price and Support

Brix installation is fast and it's done in few steps. After you've registered on our Webpage, you’ll receive the installer by e-mail. You'll only need to start installer on your computer, insert the activation key and the installation will be finished in couple of minutes.

Cloud based means that your company does not have to maintain servers in your office to run Brix. Instead we take care of it and you'll only need your computer and an Internet connection to access it. That's why Brix can be easily updated, tested and quickly installed.

Brix updates are usually done to solve or prevent some problem, to introduce some new features or to fix bugs and improve functionality. Also, code lists and Trade Tariff are updated regularly, and you are not really aware when the update is happening because everything is taking place in the background.

On your user Web account, you will have a complete access to your licenses with an overview of your payments. Also, you will have an option to manage modules and users. 

There is a free option of setting up a short demo on your very beginning of using Brix. We'll also give you examples of different scenario declarations with explanations on how to fill declarations. For the purpose of better training, you can explain to us your business process or send a commercial invoice and we will personalize these examples for you.

Our support team is always ready to help you with every problem you encounter. The support is included in the price.

You get all the functionality in Trial as you would in the subscribed version of Brix. Also, you can arrange a demo with us to go through basics. The only difference with Trial is that declarations are going to be submitted into the CDS test environment, instead of CDS Live version.

You can install and activate the Brix License on a monthly subscription basis. Brix is licensed per computer.

There are no additional fees to Brix. You have an unlimited number of declarations.

If you apply for grants you can get funding for training your employees about completing declarations and also purchasing software for making customs declarations.