About Us

Meet the amazing team behind Brix and find out more about how we work

Who we are

Nova ICT is a company based in the UK and Croatia. During our 30 years in customs software development we have tuned our sensors for the needs of our clients and users with different types of roles within organization. With our strong technological background and great amount of focus on the UX we have succeeded to create a software solution that people love to use. Loyalty of our customers, many of whom we have been with since our beginnings, gives us the confidence that we are doing things right.

Constant improvment

When Croatia joined the EU, it implemented one of the most advanced customs systems in Europe, so we had to push it even further to keep up with changes and we turned Brix into a multi-country platform. Now we are fully prepared to shift our focus to the UK and help UK companies thrive.

Hundreds of happy customers

"We have been using Nova ICT software for a long time, and early on we have learned that we can trust them. Brix has consistently proved over the years to be the solution we need to keep our high volume and impeccable quality of work."

Željin Čerina, Customs Clearance Supervisor, DHL

"Brix turned out to be very well suited for our company. It is adaptive to complex business and requires short learning time. Also we get great support from Nova ICT team on bug fixes and new releases."

Fulvio Božac, Forwarding agent & Transport planner, BAT

"I love how easy is to use this product! And it’s affordable. What I love most, though, is Nova’s commitment to customer service. They are super fast and go beyond expectations."

Tanja Mikulan, Forwarding agent, Sukšped

The team

Tomislav Ramljak

Founder & CEO

Zoran Peručić

Founder & CTO

Sonja Tepeš

Financial Director

Bruno Ramljak

Head Of Product

Krunoslav Pribanić

Head of Development

Goran Sabol

Senior Developer

Bojan Čakarić

Senior Developer

Tomislav Šuflaj

Solution integrator

Ana Bulić

Junior Consultant

Dolores Busija

Junior Consultant

Maja Kodrić