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Migrate from CHIEF onto CDS

No obligation to make a big bang cut over.
You can migrate a portion of importers or just one type of declaration.
Migration of Exports as soon as CDS is ready.

Everything you need for customs clearance

All procedures in one place.

Always aligned to the current Volume 3 version.

Trade Tariff is completely integrated and up-to-date.

No need to use Tariff
No need for external services

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Be in control of how much your clients pay!

Duties are calculated before the submission of declarations.

No time for trial and error.

Verify your declaration against all the rules and conditions for filling declarations before you submit it to CDS.

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Customs Modules

Export Premium

  • Export and Re-Export (B1, B4)
  • Outward processing (B2)
  • Customs Clearance Request (C21)

Unlimited number of declarations
Air and Sea entry included

Import Premium

  • Free circulation (H1, H5)*
  • Customs Warehousing (H2)
  • Temporary Admission (H3)
  • Inward Processing (H4)

Unlimited number of declarations
Air and Sea entry included

* Warehouse Removal included


  • SFD (Controlled goods)
  • EIDR (Standard goods)

Unlimited number of declarations
Import & Export

Safety and security module

Safety and security (ICS)

  • Entry Summary Declaration

Unlimited number of declarations
Compatible with Transitional Simplified Procedures (RoRo and Channel Tunnel)

Cloud based


We take care of the entire infrastructure. Your documents are secret and safe.
Our cloud platform meets latest security standards (ISO 27001, ISO 27017/18).


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